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Haufe Metallverarbeitung GmbH

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The company Haufe Metallverarbeitung was founded in 1992 by Manfred Haufe together with his son Christian Haufe. Until 1995 the field of activity consisted mainly of the maintenance or repair of sawmill equipment and forestry machines as well as the production of concrete mixing machines. In addition to the traditional processing of steel materials, the machining of aluminum and stainless steel materials was added in 1996. In 1998 the company was restructured, and since then CNC technology has been used for the production of machine parts. The processing of stainless steel materials increased steadily in the following years due to orders from the food and plastics industries.

In May 2017, the company was renamed Haufe Metallverarbeitung GmbH. Over the years, the Haufe company has specialized in CNC machining and the production of mixed blade tools. Today, the company supplies the German market leaders for mixing equipment manufacturers. A unique selling point of ours is the Diadur-supra coating process. This process guarantees maximum process reliability and longer service lives for highly abrasive components.

At the beginning of 2022, Jeremias Haufe, the younger son of Christian Haufe, joined the company as the third generation. Haufe GmbH focuses on digitalization and is working on the implementation of Industry 4.0. For climate efficiency, the company uses 76% of its own generated electricity from photovoltaics itself.

We offer the following core competencies and services:

1. CNC - turning and 5 - axis milling production.

2. aluminum welding

3. optical measurement with coordinate measuring technology

4. mechanical processing of precision parts

5. production of mixing tools with high wear resistance